We are located in the middle of the Swedish wilderness and we have a lot of wildlife around us. The area is known for its population of the Scandinavian brown bear. You will be very lucky if you meet one. What you might be lucky to see is the gaint of the forest – the moose. Besides you can meet a wolverine, lynx, foxes, beavers and with guarantee a lot of reindeers. The reindeers belong to the sami people but life a free life in the forest and the mountains. The area is also famous for the birdlife and attracts people from all over the world and you might be able to spot a sea- or golden eagle.  

The Area

Our area correctly described as the southern part of the Northern Sweden. Its here you will find the famous Mount Helags. The higest mountain south of the polar circle and Sweden´s southernmost glacier. People have lived in the area since 6000 BC and you can still see old drawing on the stonewalls. The Sami people and Culture is a big part of the region and you will meet their reindeers and their kåtaras well as you have possibility to visit some of their small villages. The area is characterized by the mountains (fjällen) , lakes with clean water, and endless forest. 

Climate. location